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Telescopic Camera Pole

Telescopic Range

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Design Features

1.An ideal column for temporary security measures.

2.Camera maintenance carried out at ground level.

3.For ease of use and transportation, the bespoke mast doesn't require any cables and can be transported in a standard van.

4.Can be exported internationally with rapid deployment for customers overseas.

5.Excellent stability characteristics ensures minimal camera movement.

6.Suitable for all public access areas.

7.Totally concealed cable management facility.

8.Hot dipped galvanised finish for maximum weather protection and low maintenance requirements.

9.Custom and bespoke versions tailored to the customer's requirements.

10.Eliminates the use of mechanical lifts for servicing purposes.

General Specification

1.Special dome mounting brackets available.

2.Built in cable entry and exit points.

3.Compatible with WEC adaptors, accessories and anti-climbs.

4.Other heights available on request.

*See Technical Sheet for further information, please note the heights specified are nominal and may vary.

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