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WEC Camera Poles Gallery

Have a look at some our our latest camera mounting projects!

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Tilt Over CCTV Lattice Tower
Tilt Over Camera Tower from WEC CCTV -
WD Range - © WEC Group
Fixed CCTV Lattice Tower
Fixed Camera Tower - ST Range - © WEC Group
Special Lattice Tower
CCTV Camera Tower from WEC - © WEC Group
Tilt Over Square CCTV pole
Square CCTV Column from WEC, a cost efficient Camera Mounting Solution © WEC
Fixed Square CCTV Column
Our Camera Poles can also be used to light up your security perimeters - © WEC
Square Tilt Over Camera Pole
The WEC TPS square column is one of the most cost effective CCTV mounting solutions
Tubular CCTV Pole
WEC FMT Tubular camera masts - Our poles can be painted to suit your requirements
Direct Burial Tubular Pole
CCTV Pole from WEC - DBT range - © WEC Group
Tubular CCTV Poles
WEC Tubular Camera Poles - © WEC Group
Accessories and Brackets
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