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About Us

WEC CCTV have for many years been regarded as the market leader in the European closed circuit television (cctv) mounting equipment sector. We have over 30 years of expertise in the concept, design and manufacture of cctv mounting solutions including camera poles, camera towers and camera columns.

In conjunction with a highly innovative and skilled engineering background can offer a solution to virtually any metalwork problem. Utilising the very latest that technology can offer within the fabrication industry ensures WEC CCTV remain the unrivalled number one.


Over 30 years supplying CCTV camera poles and towers to the industry

WEC was founded in 1979 by Steve Hartley and Ross Place, having both fallen victim to 'the three day week'. Following redundancy, Steve and Ross, both time-served tradesmen and in their early twenties, set out to provide a welding and fabrication service from a 1,000 square foot make-shift shed in Taylor Street, Darwen. Business was steady and by 1983 expansion was due.


At a cost of £10,000, the business, now employing four people, moved to a 10,000 square foot, semi-derelict site on Cranberry Lane, Darwen., which required major work, but was just about affordable. It was at Cranberry Lane that Steve and Ross' fortune changed. Approached by one of the first CCTV companies in the UK, they were asked to design and produce a camera tower. The pair accepted the project and set about designing the TW8 (the ST8 static 8m tower). The design was a success and from this small start the camera mounting side of the business was born. Cranberry Lane was also the scene for the firm's second major contract, winning business to produce motorway poles for Philips (now TYCO). With this contract Steve and Ross were able to clear their debts and begin acquiring the additional necessary machinery and skills to increase productivity.

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